Domestic Violence Tops Cases Against Women, Children in Cebu


Domestic violence leads the list of cases against women and children in the Province of Cebu for the past 12 months, Vice Governor Agnes Magpale said.

Magpale, who was one of the speakers during the 15th Women’s Congress held at the Cebu Capitol Social Hall, said domestic violence was more prevalent than incidents of sexual harassment, rape or pornography for the past 12 months in the entire province of Cebu.

Magpale, who also sits as chairperson of the Provincial Women’s Commission and the Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children, said 495 women have reported that they were abused by their partners while 1,495 children were victims of abuse.

At least 100 cases have been filed by the two organizations, Magpale said.

Magpale believed that the number of cases of domestic violence in the province is higher than what is being reported. Only, that most wives have refused to come out to the open to file charges against their abusive husbands.

Some of the cases that the commission handles were also dismissed after the victims refused to continue with the case against their partners, Magpale said. –