Centralized Security Check & Airport Self-Service Kiosks Among New Features at Mactan-Cebu International Airport


Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) opened to the public the new Centralized Security Zone, which aims to reduce passenger congestion at the final security check (cabin baggage checks) for both Domestic and International passengers.

The new Centralized Security Zone provides a more spacious and more comfortable environment for security processing with its new flooring, well-lit and modified ceiling, as well as generous circulation space in the area.

It features 4 X-ray machines that can be thus doubling the capacity for both Domestic and International passengers.

Prior to the investment and changes, there were 2 separate final security check zones with a single X-ray machine Domestic Departures and 1 X-ray at International Departures leading to the respective boarding gates. During peak periods all of these zones became congested.

An essential component of GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation’s (GMCAC) strategy to improve the ambiance and efficiency of the terminal is the reduction of congestion and expansion of processing facilities.

It is for this reason that the first series of improvements have concentrated on Security processing and Check-In processing. The creation of the Centralized Security Zone, including brand new Immigration counters is designed to further improve the overall ambience and customer experience at the airport.

“The Centralized Security Check, complete with new Immigration Counters will further enhance our guests’ experience by providing a seamless and efficient service through the final security check process,” said Andrew Acquaah-Harrison, GMCAC Chief Executive Advisor.

There are two new Immigration cabins with four positions each. They are temporarily located right next to the X-ray machines at the Centralized Security Zone on the International side, after which these will eventually be relocated to their permanent location in the new Immigration Zone, which opens in September 2015. At this time the Immigration capacity will be enhanced with 1 additional Immigration cabin providing a total of 3 cabins with 12 Immigration positions.

As a further customer enhancement, GMCAC will install an electronic Call Forward System for the Immigration counters to advise passengers which Immigration position are the next available for processing.

This will further optimize the efficiency of processing, Harrison said. “GMCAC would liked to thank the Officers of the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) and the Officers of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) for their support in introducing these customer enhancing services and for the fantastic job they are doing to compliment the infrastructure and physical improvements by GMCAC,” added Harrison. – CebuHeadlines.com