11 Pupils Hospitalized After Eating Masi


The Cebu City Health Department is now investigating the source of the food poisoning that downed at least 11 elementary pupils of Hipodromo Elementary School in Barangay Hipodromo this city.

The victims, aged 6 to 12, were rushed to the Cebu City Medical Center for alleged food poisoning last Wednesday.

All of them consumed masi, a stick rice cake with peanuts filling, said Hipodromo Elementary School Principal Romeo Lisondra.

Ten of the victims were elementary students while the other one was a kindergarten pupil, said Lisondra.

Minutes after eating masi, the victims started complaining of stomach pain and began vomiting.

The victims bought the masi in the school canteen but Lisondra claimed that the teacher who sold the masi did not ask his permission to sell the delicacy at the school canteen.

The school paid for the hospital and medical expenses of the students but Lisondra said the school will charge the teacher if it will be proven that the cause of the poisoning was really the masi that the teacher sold. – CebuHeadlines.com