Central Visayas Schools Have Not Filed Tuition Hike Petition Yet


Not a single university or college in Central Visayas has filed a petition to increase tuition for the coming 2016-2017 school year, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) 7 announced.

But that does not mean there will be no tuition increase in universities and colleges in the region for the next school year, said Dr. Josefino Ronquillo, supervising education program specialist of CHED 7.

Ronquillo said it could be that university or college owners and administrators are still preparing the necessary documents needed to file their tuition hike petition before the deadline set for the end of this month.

As of yesterday, CHED 7 only received one letter of intent from a college in Cebu but Ronquillo said the letter cannot be considered as an application because an application comes with several documentary requirements

While he expects petitions to come in before the end of this month, Ronquillo said CHED has urged universities and colleges in the region to avoid raising tuition if they can so as not to burden parents of college students. – CebuHeadlines.com