Mandaue Fire Destroys 500 Houses

    Mandaue Fire

    More than 500 houses were totally destroyed in a dawn fire that licked through three densely populated villages in Mandaue City Saturday.

    The fire roused thousands of residents from their sleep past 1 a.m. Saturday and it took fire fighters more than three hours to contain the blaze.

    According to Mandaue City fire investigator SFO1 Cipriano Codilla, the blaze started in the house of Robinson Aljun in Sitio Sta. Cruz in Barangay Guizo. The culprit – a stray cat.

    Initial investigation showed that a stray cat could have knocked down a lighted kerosene lamp inside the house of Alun.

    Aljun and other family members were outside the house eating late dinner. The blaze immediately gobbled up the entire house, which was made up of light materials.

    Fanned by strong winds, the blaze quickly spread to nearby houses and affected the nearby Sitios La Purisima and Asinan.

    Panic, Crying During Mandaue Fire

    “Everyone was in panic, women were shouting and crying. I was disoriented because I was already sleeping when the incident occurred,” said Benito Gako, one of the fire victims.

    The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) raised the alarm to Task Force Alpha at 1:50 a.m., prompting nearby fire stations to respond to the blaze.

    Senior Inspector Joel Abarcez, Mandaue City fire marshal, said Task Force Charlie was raised around 2:50 a.m., alarming the fire stations from Naga City to Liloan, Cebu to respond to the site.

    No one was reported hurt or injured during the blaze and Abarcez immediately suggested a reblocking of the area to allow fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to penetrate in case of similar incidents in the future.

    Abarcez pegged the damage to property around P2.3 million. –