Public Urged to Refrain From Using Substandard Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 7 has urged the public to avoid buying and using substandard Christmas lights and other decors to avoid incidents of fire during the Christmas season.

Dario Cabarrubias, senior trade development specialist at DTI 7, said the public should only use Christmas lights that have Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks issued from January 2013 up to the present.

Cabarrubias made the call as he headed a team of DTI personnel in inspecting various stores in downtown Cebu to ensure that these stores are not selling substandard Christmas lights. The team inspected small stores and department stores that abound in Cebu’s downtown area.

The DTI had earlier ordered its provincial and regional offices to adopt precautionary measures in order to identify uncertified Christmas lights or lighting chains in the market.

Importers are also reminded that lights/lighting chains to be sold must bear the appropriate ICC stickers or the Philippine Standard (PS) certification mark before distribution in the local market.

According to DTI, consumers can demand establishments to show their ICC certificates to ensure if they are transacting with suppliers authorized by the agency to sell safe Christmas lights.

Cabarrubias said the inspection will continue until nearly all of the stores selling Christmas lights in Cebu will be checked.

The Bureau of Fire Protection in Cebu said defective Christmas lights were among the top causes of fire during the past Christmas seasons. –