Here Are Cebu’s Top Areas for Internet Speed

Cebu Internet
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Sure you know how it feels when your Internet speed fails you especially at a time when you need it the most. The Philippines, after all, is among the countries with the slowest Internet speeds.

Recent developments, however, shows that internet speed in Cebu is slowly improving, with a number of areas in the metro posting promising LTE speed.

A recent test conducted by Smart Communications Inc (SMART) has identified a number of areas in Cebu that are showing “impressive” LTE and 3G speeds.

Internal field tests conducted in key areas in and around Metro Cebu have shown that download speed on Smart’s LTE service have jumped at least 146 percent to 19.7 Mbps and have reached up to 52 Mbps in certain areas like Cordova, while upload speeds have also risen by 134 percent to 14.3 Mbps.

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LTE speeds exceeding 20 Mbps have been recorded in both indoor and outdoor areas around Metro Cebu. LTE speeds of more than 24 Mbps were recorded at SM Seaside Mountain Wing and Banilad Road in Cebu City, while speeds in excess of 37 Mbps were reached in Jollibee Minglanilla.

LTE speeds above 21 Mbps were also posted in tourist-favorite Lantaw Native Restaurant in Mactan and at the Mactan International Airport, while LTE reached speeds of 47 Mbps er recorded in Barangay Tingub in Mandaue City.

On the other hand, speeds in excess of 90 Mbps have reportedly been achieved in and around the Minglanilla Sports Complex using carrier aggregation and LTE-Advanced-capable handsets.

Smart said the improvements in LTE speeds were brought about by an increase in 3G and LTE base stations in Metro Cebu, which are up by 16 percent and 108 percent, respectively. []