About Us

CebuHeadlines.com is managed and operated by professional journalists based in Cebu and some parts of the Philippines. Our expertise and experience in producing high-quality and relevant business and top stories ensure that you will get the highest form of quality journalism in this news website.

Focusing on Cebu’s Business Stories

CebuHeadlines.com understands that while Cebu is a bustling metropolis, with a GDP higher than the national figure and a business community that is vibrant and active, there is no website that features the latest business news in Cebu.

At CebuHeadlines.com, you will get to know the latest business stories in Cebu before they are published in local newspapers. Our team of journalists cover events, press conferences, product launching and other activities that are business related.

We focus on business news, travel stories, lifestyle events, product launching, and more!

International Business News

We also have a team that focuses on the latest business stories happening around the world. We monitor the global business industry and write stories so you won’t have to go from one news website to another to read the latest global business news.

CebuHeadlines.comalso publishes news on technology, health, science, world news, entertainment and sports!

If you want CebuHeadlines.com to cover your events, you may let us know by sending us a message at news@CebuHeadlines.com

Editorial Team

Mark Woo
Editor in Chief

Mark Woo is a Cebu-based professional journalist with over 15 years of experience covering business, politics, breaking stories, and more. He has covered events around the Philippines and abroad and was among the delegates to the Cebu trade mission in South American countries Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Mark Woo oversees the day-to-day editorial operation of CebuBusinessNews.com

Christian Wakefield
Online News Editor

Christian Wakefield is a Filipino-American journalist based in Cebu. Having worked in prestigious publications in the US for over 10 years, Christian Wakefield returns to Cebu to help launch CebuBusinessNews.com. He is tasked to check all news items before they get published online.

Marisol Soroño
Global News Editor

Marisol is a journalism graduate that used to be stuck in a four-walled corporate environment until she decided to join CebuBusinessNews.com as global news editor. Soroño searches the web for the latest global business news and top stories f